If you’ve found this…

Congratulations. I haven’t shared this with anyone.

In this age of oversharing, sometimes we need to keep a thing or two to ourselves. I keep my thoughts.

Especially today.

Everything is just gray at the moment. Nothing feels beautiful. And I know it’s simply because the meds have stopped working. In a few weeks, there will be a doctor, and he’ll ask some questions, and maybe he’ll give me new pills and things won’t be gray (grey?) anymore.

An episode of this sort has been expected for some time. I’ve been rather pregnant with it, but pushed it back until I finished all the bits and busyness that I just couldn’t afford to not get done. Never mind the crushing ennui, just make sure the list is sorted and the name tags are printed. There are appearances to be kept up.

Ennui – an excellent word. More on that later.

There are appearances to be kept up.